Booms and Busts: Players to Target and Players to Avoid this season


Getting off to an early start, the Fantasy Playbook Discusses their picks for ‘Booms and Busts’ upcoming season. Josh takes the lead by taking aim on the top ranked receivers, essentially calling them fools gold; Don’t give up on the old faithfuls.

Looking toward the RB position, this season is looking deep for Running Backs, but don’t lose sight of Adrian Peterson who is another year older and coming off a season long vacation.

Josh continues with Running Backs you should stay away from, namely a former eagle and a newly signed eagle. LeSean McCoy who was traded to the Bills may be looking at a stacked box with no clear star QB to counter defenses. Demarco Murray was signed in the offseason by the Eagles. The Eagles picked up Ryan Mathews and still have Darren Sproles so it looks like Murray will take a far smaller load than the one he had in ‘Big D’.


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