A few things come to mind when a traditional baseball follower hears the phrase “the Cardinal way.”  For example: Smart and disciplined front office; a fruitful farm system and development program; consistent players that continue to produce; a loyal fan base, etc.

Kolten Wong - Scott Kane/Icon Sportswire
Kolten Wong – Scott Kane/Icon Sportswire

It’s all of these that create “the Cardinal way.” Every year it seems like the Cardinals are winning the NL Central division and competing in the playoffs for a chance to win the crown. This continues because of their depth to replace guys who go down with injuries and fill the gaps. There is consistency throughout the team.

If you are looking for numbers to back this up, here is the biggest measurement of consistency: Ready?…The St. Louis Cardinals comprise the only team in baseball that has not been swept this season. The Cards are one of six teams that has not been swept at home as of Aug. 2 (Royals, Orioles, Pirates, Nationals, Blue Jays) and one of three teams that has not been swept on the road (Rangers & Yankees). Consistency.

Yadier Molina - Scott Kane/Icon Sportswire
Yadier Molina – Scott Kane/Icon Sportswire

You can say it’s their endless amount of valuable pitchers, their timely hitting, great coaching or just “the culture” of St. Louis baseball, but it’s all the above. The Cardinals may not win the World Serie; that is yet to be determined. However, they will be oiling their mitts and tarring their bats as they watch the NL Wild Card game and wait for their opponent. The Wild Card teams will most likely be the Chicago Cubs and the Pittsburgh Pirates. Both teams are also NL Central teams, meaning they have both faced the Cardinals in five series each; they are very familiar with each other. It is important to note that the Cardinals have swept both teams in St. Louis. If you are going to beat the Cardinals, wrap your hands thick, because they will make you go the distance to beat them.