Fostering Injuries

ARIAN FOSTER - Ken Murray/Icon Sportswire

The kick off of the 2015 NFL season is roughly a month away, and one of the top fantasy football picks is already injured. This may throw a wrench in some draft strategies, or will it?

Yes, I’m talking about Arian Foster, one of the most coveted running backs who is already out with a groin injury. You’ve probably had him on your team one year, so you know that his injuries can cost you games in your fantasy league. It’s happened to me.  

Foster is scheduled for a groin surgery, which means he will possibly miss the start of the season. What does this mean in terms of your fantasy team? If you’re keen on Foster, do you pick him up early or let him drop and risk someone snaking him?

Here are some things to consider: there is no real threat to take Foster’s position. Former Saints running back Pierre Thomas is visiting with the Texans and could pose a threat or at least lighten Foster’s load when he comes back from surgery. Also, according to ESPN, in the last five years, Foster has led all running backs with games of 100+ rushing yards (31), yards from scrimmage per game (121.2), touchdowns (63) and fantasy points (1,103). Thinking about taking him high? Think again.

There are so many young, talented running backs that can put up Foster type numbers, like Le’Veon Bell for example. Don’t forget that Foster has also been plagued with hamstring injuries and been nagged by groin and back injuries. The last time Foster played a full season was in 2012. With Foster’s injury happening so close to the start of the season, some sources say he can be out 3-6 weeks. Foster can be considered high risk and can possibly re-injure himself. That could spell disaster for your fantasy team.

Foster would make a great late pick up to have on your bench, or if no one takes him in your draft, he would make a great wire pick up. Don’t be afraid to do a mock draft or two to see where he may fall. He may be the piece to make or break your season.